103084373Chakwal is one of the underserved districts of Pakistan. The population of the district Chakwal is 1.1 million scattered over an area of nearly 6524 Sq. Geographically, it is part of Rawalpindi division and has three tehsils. Majority of the terrain is rain fed with small patches having access to irrigated water, while half of the terrain is not fit for cultivation, due to uneven rough terrain and extreme weather conditions.

‘District Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan is a backward rural area having very little in the form of health, education, clean water facilities for the rural population. Moreover even within the existing government healthcare services the disproportionate distribution vis –a- vis the female gender leaves the mother and child at a grave disadvantage.
The poor farmers have to spend their hard earned incomes and at times sell off their land and farm animals for getting treatment for their families at private clinics in Chakwal, Punjab, Pakistan. 5-6 years of drought have made things even worse for the rural population. This has taken the poverty level a notch higher. Many a times the cases that are in an advanced stage of pregnancy are referred to Rawalpindi, Punjab, Pakistan (150 Kms). Experience shows that such patients never return home alive because of the long distance travel in public transport and non-availability of ambulances.
Thus, in the absence of basic health facilities, many families depend on local untrained midwives and quacks. Therefore the whole system of health, education and environment is in much degraded form which needs to be overcome.
Falah Foundation’ took initiative to cater these problems by putting 100% efforts and through awareness activities.