Mushtaq Baig Campus Hostel


HostelFeasibility : After the completion of the hospital, the BOD carried out a survey of the area and realized that the condition of education fared no better than the health situation, specially the children from the poor segment of the society and children of servicemen (retired / serving).

With the need fully recognized, it was decided that a school campus would also be built in the close proximity of the hospital. 12 kanals land for the campus has been acquired and structure plans prepared.

In continuation of the Falah Foundation objectives, GenMushtaqBaig (Shaheed) Campus is being established in Tehsil ChoaSaidan Shah, District Chakwal. Both these projects (Hospital and School) will form the GenMushtaqBaig (Shaheed) Complex.Falah Foundation aims to provide modern educational facilities in which the area is lacking most and it will change the entire milieu when people will start getting proper learning services.

The school will especially care to the needs of children of serving / retired servicemen and Shuhada. Since these children would be coming from far flung areas of the District and beyond, it has also been proposed to establish a hostel facility for 100 children. Children of Shuhada / serving / retired servicemen will get preference for admission in the hostel.

How is the proposed intervention ‘innovative’

12 Kanalsland for the campus was acquired and ground floor structure is nearing construction. This institution will provide state- of- the- art facilities in a deprived area.

GenMushtaqBaig (Shaheed) Campus would have modern, well designed and defined educational setup as compared to available educational system in the area. Falah Foundation is now introducing language lab technology for easing learning of spoken and written English language to children of an area that had no access to study the English language till they reached college. It would also help the teaching staff to use modern technology in imparting education.

Computer education with access to internet facility and grooming of young children at the ‘Early Learning Centre’ will change the status quowhen children of a backward area will start getting modern learning services.

These state of the art facilities are an innovation in an area where only rudimentary means of education have existed since time immemorial. The children will get these technologies at their door step and teaching standard will be comparable to institutions in the cities.

During survey it was assessed that most of the children of servicemen / Fauji Families dropout pre-maturely from schools because of absence of fathers from homes. At times they are at a great disadvantage as they cannot afford educational expenses in private schools. In most cases the students have to travel miles daily to reach schools.

keeping in view the disadvantage that these students have to undergo,, the Board of Directors have decided to build quality hostel within the school compound to facilitate those poor students who hail from far flung areas of District Chakwal and cannot afford daily traveling.

Detailed maps of the school hostel have been designed and are provided.


Infrastructure of Hostel, Gen Mushtaq Baig (Shaheed) Campus.

  1 Rooms (Furnished)   12 (8 students per room)
  2 Dining Hall   01
  3 Kitchen   01
  4 Common Room   01
  5 Study Room   01
  6 Warden Room   01
  7 Common Washrooms   03
  8 Washroom   01 (Attached Warden Room)