Gen Mushtaq Baig (Shaheed) Memorial Hospital

Mushtaq Baig HospitalThe General Mushtaq Baig (Shaheed) Memorial Hospital, Choa Saidan Shah is another undertaking by FALAH FOUNDATION. This 30 bedded hospital has been built by the NGO to honour the Shaheed general who hailed from the area at a cost of Rs 45 Million (including equipment).Hospital is now fully equipped and operational. The hospital has the following facilities:-


a.    A Women Hospital (Indoor/outdoor)    b. An OPD facility for all.
c.    Primary eye-care clinic.                       d.  Operation theatre
e.    Delivery room.                                       f. Emergency Services.
g.    Diagnostic Centre                                 h. Ambulance Service.
General Mushtaq Baig ( Shaheed ) Memorial Hospital, Choa Saidan Shah, was initiated as a Falah foundation Project to mitigate the sufferings of the rural population of a neglected tehsil of District Chakwal. The female population has been the worst victim of this gap in healthcare. The  support from U.S Agency for International Development (USAID) of Pak Rs. 8.6 Million helped to build our capacity in the shape of brand new medical equipment. Falah Foundation is now in a position to manage emergency cases and surgeries on its own.
Falah Foundation aims to provide modern medical facilities in which the area is lacking most and after installation of equipment provided by USAID it has changed the entire milieu. People are now getting proper health care at their door steps.