1. FALAH FOUNDATION is a charitable organization managed by a group of philanthropists dedicated in the field of education, health and agriculture. The organization is committed to removing the gender disparities that is widely prevalent in the rural communities and work towards women emancipation and empowerment by concentrating on their health, education and economic independence. Main focus of the organization is human resource development to provide the area with highly groomed and emotionally mature manpower and facilitating the local population to become financially independent so as to contribute positively to the society. To this end awareness will be used as a platform to eradicate the sense of helplessness and make the communities realize their aspirations through self-help and community participation.
  2. FALAH FOUNDATION aims to achieve the above objectives through a concerted effort to mobilize the communities and philanthropists to donate time and resources, firstly to establish and subsequently, to upkeep and maintain community services to ensure their sustainability.  Communities, that are till now completely dependent on government services, will be mobilized to generate resources to establish communities’ own services and ensure their sustainability through upkeep and maintenance by the communities themselves.
  3. After humble beginnings FALAH FOUNDATION has embarked upon an ambitious programme to deliver services to the rural communities, especially the women. Here we need to build a partnership with the communities for supporting life against a culture of death. Therefore it is expected that at the completion of the initial projects the women of District Chakwal will have the services of basic health facilities and opportunities for professional and technical education. All those who cannot afford these services within the existing environment will get priority so that no segment of the society feels neglected. Moreover talent will not go waste for want of financial resources.
  4. FALAH FOUNDATION is a Punjab based NGO duly registered with the Social Welfare Department since 2002. FALAH stands for Foundation for Awareness, Literacy, Agriculture and Health. The NGO is basically providing Healthcare to the women and children in rural areas of Chakwal, through NGO’s own MCH Centres. One 30- Bed general hospital, constructed by Falah Foundation, is functional in Choa Saidan Shah. Al-Hamdu Lillah four MCH centres are operating while one is planned for construction soon. The NGO plans to setup 20 such MCH Centres besides 20 schools in the District. One school is providing education to 350 poor pupils in Village Bheen, District Chakwal. One high school is under construction adjacent to the hospital at Choa Saidan Shah.  55 clean drinking water projects have been installed within communities over the last 3 years.
  5. After the Earthquake 2005, FALAH FOUNDATION was actively involved in relief, reconstruction and rehabilitation in District BAGH, AJ&K. A total of 700 tons relief material has been provided single-handedly by the NGO.  450, two bed, permanent, earthquake resistant houses have been constructed and handed over to the widows and truly destitute. 31 Masajid have been constructed till date. One high school has been built at Bagh City. All this work has been undertaken with funds generated by volunteers of Falah Foundation, without any institutional support.