Emergency Relief

Our Relief Engagements
  • Actively and timely participated in Earthquake 2005 Relief and Rehabilitation Activities in Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan.
  • Water Supply Schemes
  • The poor, widows and orphans are provided food parcels during the month of Ramadan.
  • Marriage of poor / orphan girls.
  • Distribution of Zakat amongst the deserving.
  • Falah Foundation Relief Camp for Swat IDPs
Working In Earthquake Affected Areas
Falah Foundation geared into action on Day 2 after earthquake, sending out truckloads of relief goods. Daily distribution of relief material continued for one month.
Falah Foundation also distributed Eid Gifts to children victims of earthquake who were under treatment in Rawalpindi and Islamabad Hospitals.Distribution of blankets/quilt, warm clothes, Stoves and many other items of daily use.Falah Foundation made a ration distribution center at Bagh, from where the food items were distributed to the project areas of the District.
Construction of Homes
While everybody including the Government was concerned with provision of tents to the affectees, FALAH FOUNDATION, with financial help from OCEA, went into construction of permanent houses for the distraught families, commencing November 2005.
Qualified engineers have especially designed FALAH Earthquake resistant houses, keeping in mind the local environment; using locally available materials. The local community is used to constructing such houses even prior to the earthquake. These houses have been built on land belonging to the affectees, free of cost.
Falah Foundation introduced the concept of complete permanent homes per household , covering an area of 400 sq.ft.having wooden structural frame and 3 ft high stonewall wedged with wood is built using timber and rocks. The Homes Comprises of:

2 x BEDROOMS (10’ x 12’)

1 x KITCHEN (8’ x 10’)

1 x VERANDAH (8’ x 10’)


Falah Foundation started the reconstruction work from Bhutti in District Bagh, by placing a saw mill to cut wooden planks. All houses in Village Bhutti in District Bagh were destroyed during earthquake; Falah Foundation constructed 200 houses in the Village. Village Rangoli, District Bagh was the 2nd Village selected for reconstruction. 25 houses have been handed over. 350 houses have been constructed for rehabilitation of widows and destitute in Village Chinat.

Falah Foundation Water Supply Schemes
Due to drought-like conditions prevailing in the District Chakwal, the existing water resources have either dried or shrunk to great depth. Falah Foundation has made arrangements to dig bores and install electric motors in order to mitigate the hardships of the rural communities. Each Water Management Project caters to the needs of 20-25 households. One clean drinking water project costs Rupees 45,000. 55 such projects have been completed and handed over to the communities
Reconstruction of Masajid
While Falah Foundation was constructing houses for widows, a need was felt to restore a healthy spiritual environment so a decision to reconstruct the destroyed masajid was taken. In all 31 Masajid were reconstructed and handed over to the communities.
Falah Foundation Relief Camp for Swat IDPs

In year 2009 during the war against terrorism in Pakistan’s Malakand Division, a large number of internally displaced personnel (IDPs) to migrate, and Hundreds of thousand of people migrated form their native places on bare feet, that huge number of migration created lots of problems for IDP’s in the shape of shortage of food, shelter facilities, Whereas Govt of Pakistan took step to help them out along with the help of Non Governmental Organizations (NGO’s). Falah Foundation supported other organizations in providing the following services:-

  • Food Items
  • Filtered Water
  • Shelters/Tents
  • Medical Treatment
  • Free Ambulance Service

Falah Foundation was fully committed to help overcome some of their problems and keep them in a safe and hygienic environment.

Distribution of Ration